What we do


At Blinc, we are passionate about collaborative innovation and creating in harmony with nature, developing sustainable solutions, leaving the planet in a better place tomorrow than today.  We work with leading organisations, startups, researchers, growers and universities,  to solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries.

Our role in this is to be a connector, helping facilitate and grow an exponential innovation ecosystem in  agriculture, food and technology.  We connect across the industry and beyond to land innovation for tomorrow's world.

We believe that connecting is the start of creating and doing great things.  We encourage you to get involved, to collaborate and deliver collective impact. We provide the platform to network, to accelerate innovation and impact through commercialisation.

Connecting for Innovation

Quality over quantity is our motto.  We run 3 key events series aimed at encouraging a melting pot of conversations and sparking ideas across industries:

  • Innovation Series - run monthly with inspiring innovators sharing their stories and stimulation conversation and thinking about the future of agriculture

  • Big Challenge Series - run quarterly, bringing courageous innovators and leaders together to focus on a big challenge or opportunity for New Zealand and develop collaborative programs

  • New Wave - building the next generation of leaders and innovators, attracting them to the agrifood tech industry through developing new thinking and inspiring them

Design for Innovation

New Zealand has some of the best and brightest minds across food, agriculture and technolgoy. At Blinc we help businesses connect with the right team to solve a challenge or take advantage of an opportunity.

We focus on facilitating collective, connected thinking across industries, growers, startups, organisations, customers and scientists combining thinking, insights and experience to generate new ways to do things.



A Place for Collective Collaboration

Blinc Workshop is a co-working space in Lincoln,  in the heart of science, research, innovation and Canterbury, a critical food basket and precious ecosystem. 

Blinc Workshop is a place to meet, connect, collaborate and socialise.

We have a variety of options to suit every need - a hot desk, a pod for your small team, meeting rooms and seminar rooms for workshops and events, a space just to connect.

B.part of this vibrant agrifood tech ecosystem - we'd love to hear from you if you'd like more information.