Who we are


 New Zealand's history of innovation, our success as an agriculture nation, our culture of creative solutions and world-class science expertise provides a platform to change the world view. Using our history and experience to solve our own Naturetech challenges which we can then share with the world.

Alongside predicted explosive population growth, technology is expanding at unprecedented rates having exponential impacts on our everyday world.

Our story is about connecting, innovating and creating in harmony with nature, developing sustainable solutions, leaving the planet in a better place tomorrow than today.

At Blinc we are connectors, working alongside the agri ecosystem to connect people for Connected Thinking. 

We help harness the power of the Naturetech ecosystem - people, ideas, knowledge, resources, insights and experience to create and innovate for tomorrow.


Our gifted name, He Puna Karikari, centres around the spring of knowledge and cultivation of ideas to serve future generations.  It is a metaphor for exploration, cultivation and leadership.  Our logo is a representation of the planet which we are here to look after for our children, and the colour of the water and spring which is the basis of growth - of ideas, of knowledge.

The puna (springs) of Rakaihautu are symbols of the deep wells of knowledge, the regeneration of ancient knowledge and the birth of new knowledge.

We are based in Lincoln, near Christchurch, in a precinct with one of the highest concentrations of agri scientists in the southern hemisphere along with a world-class specialist land-based University.

We are passionate facilitators and connectors across business, science and academia, working alongside you to create new solutions in and using Naturetech.