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Climate Crisis Call to Action with Will Steffen

  • Blinc Innovation Blinc Workshop Lincoln New Zealand (map)
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We are living in the Anthropocene, a geological age that has been defined by the breakdown of our and environment due to human development and activity. Our actions have literally defined an era and with increases in extreme weather events, pollution and so much more, we are faced with the questions of what’s next and who is responsible to make the changes needed.

The urgency and scope of action leaves no time for finger-pointing. Our Food and Fibre sector has opportunities throughout the supply chain to reduce emissions and data shows that our farmers and growers are ready to do their part. Will innovation within our current systems be enough to survive the Anthropocene or will a complete re-think to our food production and distribution systems be needed?

Will Steffen, Councillor on the Climate Council of Australia, will be joining us for this not-to-be missed event. Will is an independent expert with a particular interest in climate crisis adaption in land systems and the relationship between humans and the rest of nature. Join the discussion with Will and our panel to learn about the reality of our impact and our role and responsibility to act as kaitiaki of our land for this generation, the next and all those that follow. Where are the boundaries? What is the tipping point? How do we think globally and act locally to safe-guard our future?

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8.45am : Breakfast & Networking

9.00am : Welcome & Introduction

9.10am : Keynote address - Will Steffen

9.55am: Panel discussion/Interactive Q&A session with Audience

10.30am : Speaking finishes, networking

11.00am : Event finishes

About the Speakers


Will Steffen, Earth System Scientist

Will Steffen is an Earth System scientist. He is a Councillor on the publicly-funded Climate Council of Australia that delivers independent expert information about climate change, an Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University (ANU); Canberra, a Senior Fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden; and a Fellow at the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm. He is the chair of the jury for the Volvo Environment Prize; a member of the International Advisory Board for the Centre for Collective Action Research, Gothenburg University, Sweden; and a member of the Anthropocene Working Group of the Sub-committee on Quaternary Stratigraphy. 

From 1998 to mid-2004, Steffen was Executive Director of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme, based in Stockholm. His research interests span a broad range within climate and Earth System science, with an emphasis on incorporation of human processes in Earth System modelling and analysis; and on sustainability and climate change.


Belinda Mathers, Enviro-Mark Solutions

Dr Belinda Mathers is Enviro-Mark Solutions’ General Manager Technical. With nearly 20 years of experience in helping businesses to understand and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, Belinda is responsible for ensuring robust delivery of Enviro-Mark Solutions’ environmental certification programmes to over 400 clients across all sectors in New Zealand and beyond. As a greenhouse emissions professional in Australia and New Zealand, Belinda has developed and audited greenhouse emissions inventories and reduction plans for organisations in the public sector, manufacturing, transport and logistics, primary sector and service sectors.  She also has experience in carbon footprinting for products and services in the food and beverage, freight and transportation, and energy sectors.


Andrew Priest, Ngāi Tahu Farming

Andrew is Chief Executive Officer of Ngāi Tahu Farming and Forestry. He is also an independent director with past appointments at farmer cooperatives based in Canterbury. Prior to joining Ngāi Tahu in July 2015, Andrew had his own consulting practice specialising in strategy formulation, performance improvement, risk management and organisational alignment across a range of industries. Before consulting, Andrew held international roles for companies operating in global markets including Forestry Corporation, Heinz-Watties and a senior position for Carter Holt Harvey based in the United States. He sits on the Steering Committee of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum and is Chairman of Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waikato, a Master of Forestry Science from the University of Canterbury, and a Master of Arts in Organisational Psychology and Change Leadership from Columbia.

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