Preserving One of Our Most Precious Resources for Future Generations – Water!

Sir Tipene O’Reagan opened the recent “Water in Canterbury – our vital resource,” with a challenge to all present to “think differently and broaden current ways of thinking.”

New Zealand and Canterbury are blessed with water – we get over 500 km³ of snow and rain annually, which is 2.5x what the UK gets with a population of 65 million. This rich resource gives us our resilience and in Canterbury, with over 500,000 hectares of existing irrigable land

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How to Stay Relevant in the Agribusiness Workforce!

Technology is developing exponentially, and the modern workplace is evolving as well – there is a real divide at age 35 in 2018 – those who grew up with technology and those who have learnt it. That makes for some interesting challenges. An increased life expectancy, new and varied ways of pursuing education and the emergence of the “gig economy” all present opportunities and challenges for today’s workforce.

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