Connected Thinking to land innovation for the future of the agrifood sector

Agriculture has long been considered the backbone of New Zealand, and now the fast changing agricultural and food sector presents the opportunity to create sustainable economic growth and establish New Zealand on the world stage. Collective collaboration and innovation across this ecosystem involving organisations and communities is crucial to meet the challenge of a sustainable and better future world.

That is the key principle behind Lincoln Hub, the innovation network and agri research precinct based at Lincoln. Lincoln Hub is evolving this week…with a new name and collaboration space.

Lincoln Hub is now Blinc Innovation. Blinc is about innovating and creating in harmony with nature, developing sustainable solutions, leaving the planet in a better place tomorrow than today. Our role in this is to be a connector, helping grow an ecosystem across agrifood and technology to stimulate and land innovation. We connect across the agrifood and technology industry creating teams that harness the best of industry, research, producers and academia to create opportunities and land outcomes. We do this through networking, events, collective collaborations and research around a shared vision for the future for agrifood.

Toni Laming, Blinc CEO is excited about the new chapter, “We bring people together and facilitate Connected Thinking, starting at Lincoln, in Canterbury and across New Zealand, then moving around the globe to enable collective collaboration. We help harness the power of the Naturetech™ ecosystem – people, ideas, knowledge, resources, environment, insights and experience – to create and innovate with others for a better tomorrow.

We expect collaborations and projects to directly benefit Canterbury and New Zealand through commercialising science and innovation for the benefit of our agrifood system and environment.” To connect and collaborate, Blinc is opening a co-working space in Lincoln on the University campus – Blinc Workshop. The space caters for start-up, teams and small agri businesses looking for a place to connect, permanent or semi-permanent desks and space for meetings and workshops. There is a seminar space for organisations to hire. “We look forward to welcoming people into Blinc Workshop; it provides much needed collaboration and connection space on the wider Science and Technology Park at Lincoln. Everyone in the sector is welcome; you can find out more and get in touch through our website” said Ms Laming.

About Blinc |

Blinc Innovation creates and enables Connected Thinking to land innovation in agrifood tech. We help harness the power of the Naturetech™ eco-system – people, ideas, knowledge, resources, insights and expertise – to create and innovate with others for tomorrow.

As a connector we exist to create collaboration with like-minded organisations using science and technology in and across agrifood tech value chain to land innovation and enable future business models. Lincoln Hub is about bringing people and organisations together and being the facilitator of Connected Thinking.

Katie Browning