Creating Connections and Collaboration in Agritech Innovation

Lincoln Hub is delighted to welcome Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV), one of the most active investors in agritech and robotics in Silicon Valley, into its family of sponsors, as an Innovation Ecosystem sponsor. Through discussions, both organisations realised they share the same passion for enabling future business models, capability and leaders in agritech who are disrupting to create future farming and food systems.

George Kellerman, Chief Operations Officer, YMVSV sees the work that Lincoln Hub facilitates in growing an agrifood tech innovation ecosystem as an integral way of developing new innovative solutions to the global challenges around sustainable production and providing for a growing world population. He said; “It is an opportunity to interact with the agritech ecosystem in New Zealand, to share, learn and accelerate new businesses through leveraging the experiences and seasons across the northern and southern hemispheres.”

“We are not about status quo, we want to start conversations within the ecosystem about doing things differently in agritech, be future focussed and enable New Zealand, within the world, to leverage its agriculture, science and technology expertise to create transformational change. Technology is going to be one of the key drivers to transformational change within the agri supply and value chain, so YMVSV is a significant organisation to partner with, as we build a connected ecosystem and capability in this area” says Toni Laming, Lincoln Hub CEO.

“As an Innovation Ecosystem sponsor, YMVSV will enable new conversations and develop interest about the future of food production through events, workshops and speaker series targeting consumers, growers, entrepreneurs, scientists, government and regulators who are passionate about how we will feed the world with sustainable solutions. We are excited to have them onboard and look forward to working closely with them and connecting  YMVSV into New Zealand agritech innovation”

About Lincoln Hub

Lincoln Hub creates and enables Connected Thinking to land innovation in agrifood tech. We help harness the power of the Naturetech™ eco-system – people, ideas, knowledge, resources, insights and expertise – to create and innovate with others for tomorrow.

As a connector we exist to create collaboration with like-minded organisations using science and technology in and across agrifood tech value chain to land innovation and enable future business models. Lincoln Hub is about bringing people and organisations together and being the facilitator of Connected Thinking.

About Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) exists to accelerate the efforts of teams driving disruptive change. Believing that Entrepreneurs often need strong partners in order to scale their businesses in developing novel hardware systems, exploring new business models, or growing international ventures, Yamaha finances these companies through strategic investment.

For other ventures, strategic corporate partnerships might mean access to vehicles, technology, teams, hardware, infrastructure, or something else entirely. Whether investment, partnership, or both, Yamaha works collaboratively to create the future of industries, ranging from personal transportation to industrial automation.

Katie Browning