Innovation Series

Inspiration, new solutions and future thinking. This thought leadership series is about extending thinking around agri food tech. This series is a chance for people to hear what cool, innovative products, services or research is happening in NZ.


Our VIBE event is a chance to engage with your peers on the wider precinct and use the opportunity to network, make new connections and catch up on what each organisation is doing – their focus, their priorities and their challenges. 

New Wave

Working with key educators, industry leaders and innovators to engage the student community around the career pathways in agrifood tech and build future entrepreneurs and leaders.

The Big Challenge

This series is at the heart of collective collaboration and knowledge sharing. Curious minds coming together to discuss the big topics - the challenges and opportunities for New Zealand. Engaging thought and world leaders on key topics, issues and projects that have the ability to transform agriculture.


Blinc activator sessions are made up of 20-minute mentoring sessions where entrepreneurs of all sizes and stages talk through their business and get focused feedback from a panel of experts. This is your opportunity to use their expertise and networks to ensure your best possible chance of success.